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#1. Keys and Everglades and Study Human and Natural History

An interesting mix of natural and cultural aspects of Florida awaits you. Your Florida Master Naturalist leader will talk about the Keys natural history and cultural heritage as well as environmental issues affecting the Everglades and coral reefs.

Travel time will embrace opportunities for learning about Native Americans, Explorers and early settlers of the Florida Keys, from Dagny Johnson Hammock Botanical State Park through the Pigeon Key amazing history of the Florida Keys to the Dry Tortuga's National Park and Everglades National Park; talks will include the importance of the Everglades, mangrove estuaries to natural and cultural history. Stops include Everglades National Parks Anhinga Trail, Windley Key State Park and pre Civil War history at Dry Tortuga's National Park. Participants will enjoy a free afternoon and evening in Key West to explore the culture at leisure. The week finishes with a visit to Dagny Johnson Hammock Botanical State Park.

Walk up to 1.5 miles over pavement, boardwalks and mulched paths. Key West walks are on some cobbled stone. You must be able to swim if snorkeling at the Dry Tortugas. Snorkeling equipment is provided. Wet suits are not available.

Arrival Miami, free shuttle to Key Largo, 2 nights; coach to Key West, 3 nights, coach to Key Largo, 1 night, free shuttle to Miami for flight departure no earlier than 2 p.m.

#2. FunDay Eco Tours

Florida has a rich biological heritage, and a unique variety of species and eco-systems that give it a world renowned bio-diversity? Imagine walking on the floor of an ancient ocean, see endangered gopher tortoises, or cruise a nationally significant estuary, filled with over 5,000 species of birds, plants, and animals.

Or explore the nation's only sea turtle nesting refuge in route to the first federal preserve ever set up by Teddy Roosevelt (Pelican Island). Conceptualize the spectacle of a hundred thousand birds, on a broad flat expanse of natural salt marsh, with hammocks of palms and slash pines on this premier birding and wildlife habitat - the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Consider the reinforcing, and educational effect of boarding Coast Guard approved airboats, driven by certified captains, that will take your group out into the freshwater eco-system of the St. John?s River and a magnificent Bald Cypress Swamp. The experiences will be reminiscent of what Florida was like thousands of years ago when the indigenous Ais Indians inhabited the area.

#3. Key Largo

The most northern of the Florida Keys, Key Largo is a popular diving and sports-fishing destination. Kayakers, birders and eco-tourists flock here because of its location between the Everglades and the country's only living coral reef. At nearby John PenneKamp State Park, visitors can take snorkeling, diving or glass-bottom boat tours of the reef.

#4. Cheap Florida Keys Holidays - Plenty of Attractions

Florida Keys holidays are an excellent choice for those who fancy a bit of island hopping in the beautiful Caribbean waters.

The Florida Keys is the collective name for the row of tiny islands that make up the southern most tip of the USA. You might be familiar with the names Key Largo, or Key West from the movies, but there are over 100 other islands making up the Keys, all joined together by 126 miles of road and 42 huge bridges. Key West holidays allow you to visit the southern most city in the main bit of the USA and a historic old town. There's a combination of interesting architecture, wonderful restaurants, and bars to explore. Then there are those Florida sunsets, exciting air boat rides, the snorkeling and diving to occupy you. If that all sounds too hectic, you can just wander the palm-lined streets lined with mansions, tin-roofed conch houses, the John Audubon House, and Ernest Hemingway's home.

You'll be walking in the footsteps of Thomas Edison, Harry Truman, and Tennessee Williams. The treasure of the galleon Atocha, which was dragged to the bottom of the sea over 400 years ago, and has now been dragged up again, only to appear on eBay. eBay a fitting end for such treasure?! The Marquis de Caldereita would be turning in his grave.

A tourist, diving, and sea fishing haven, daytime temperatures in the Florida Keys are pleasantly affected by ocean breezes that keep everything quite bearable. An offshore reef has suppressed the waves going in and out, so there's no real beach here, just sharp with coral shards, but don't panic, as there are a few man made beaches and lagoons that give you lovely and safe access to the beautiful Caribbean waters. A visit to the Florida Keys is a must on your Florida holidays.

#5. Atlantic Dream: From Miami to New York

Best of this tour:

Party in New Orleans' Bourbon Street,
Spot alligators on an included swamp tour,
Enjoy the thrills of Disney World and much more!

Tour Overview

An Eastern delight...from the bustling excitement of the big cities to the fun and sun of Florida's beaches. Experience the variety of New Orleans - Bourbon Street, Cajun food and all that jazz! This adventure travels a land rich in scenery, culture, fantasy and invention.

Included Highlights:

Two full days in Orlando +
Camping by Florida beaches +
New Orleans' Bourbon Street +
Evening illumination visit to Washington DC monuments +
Admission to Disney World +
Guided alligator swamp tour +
All transportation by private adventure vehicle +
11 nights camping & equipment (except sleeping bag).

#6. Cross Country

Best of this tour:

Departs New York area to New York area,
Cross 33 US states & Canadian provinces,
Spot aliens in Roswell & line dance in San Antonio,
Explore Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and much more!

Tour Overview

Visit ghost towns and exciting cities, explore this continent's breathtaking National Parks and unspoiled scenery - on this once in a lifetime 9 week all encompassing adventure!

Included Highlights

Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist cruise +

Evening illumination visit to Washington DC monuments +
New Orleans' Bourbon Street +
San Antonio's Riverwalk +
Alien spotting in Roswell +
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge +
Scenic walks and hikes +
City tours of Las Vegas, Hollywood and San Francisco +
Sightseeing in Charleston, St. Augustine, Miami, Florida Keys, Santa Fe, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver and Chicago +
Walk amongst Giant Sequoias +
National parks and monuments - Carlsbad Caverns, Rocky Mountains, Mesa Verde, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff/Lake Louise, Redwood and Yosemite +
All transportation by private adventure vehicle +
51 nights camping & equipment (except sleeping bag) + 2 hotel night in LA.

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