English as a Second Language program at the University

Students study at an American university and live with regular university students. There are 5 levels of study, 28 hours every week at lecture-room and 45 diverse language activities.

This program is university based. Program participants live together with university students. The friendly environment of the dormitories and the gentle climate contribute to a quiet and safe atmosphere, perfect for serious studies.

There are a few levels of study, placement being based on test results. A program usually includes 28 lecture hours per week and a lot of diverse language activities. A cultural program and field trips are important parts of the program. Cultural integration to American life and field study is facilitated through weekly field trips into places such as the post office, supermarket and museums. Trips are also taken to radio or TV stations and places of historical interest. These trips, conducted every Friday, help students to practice their English skills in everyday life situations.

Students have access to information technology. They can attend orientation and individual tutoring classes at the university. Moreover, students can take specialized classes such as business English.

Program graduates are accepted at the University without additional exams. All students 16 years old and older can apply for the program.

English courses are conducted by faculty trained and certified to work with foreign students. A majority of the faculty members have PhD and Masters Diplomas.

The program is conducted a few times a year. The minimum length of the program is two (2) months. The cost of the program is approximately $2,500 - $3,000 for two months. This cost includes tuition, room and board. There are longer programs available.

English and computer study in New York

Study English, computers end explore New York, any level. Short-term programs for students 12 years old and up are available.

Our programs are aimed at providing students with an extraordinary opportunity to learn English in a friendly and supportive environment, with our staff and coordinators always ready to tailor a program that meets your specific needs.

This program is designed for those who want to study English while exploring the most exciting city in the world - New York. There are several programs which you can choose the one that suits your needs and abilities.

Here are some advantages of these programs:

  • it has been created especially for foreign students, and is taught by experienced and professional staff;
  • no age restrictions (you can participate regardless of your age);
  • small and convenient class sizes which provides personalized attention to every student;
  • several difficulty levels (you can choose anywhere from the beginning to the advanced) ;
  • great opportunity to meet and communicate with students from all over the world;
  • professional preparation for TOEFL;
  • consultations for those wanting to get accepted and continue education at U.S. colleges and universities;
  • the program is authorized by the Department of State to grant I-20 forms to the participants wishing to obtain an F-1 student visa;
  • affordable prices;
  • convenient location;
  • assistance with finding accommodations.

A participant has an option to choose not only the level of difficulty, but the intensity of the course as well. The intensity of the courses ranges from 5 days to 1 day a week.

Another good program is for teachers of English who would like to improve their proficiency level and get experienced in American English. The full course takes 3 weeks and consists of 60 study hours.

Some colleges offer computer classes for those who would like to develop or improve their computer skills. The computer courses are gaining more popularity among our students since they provide a strong competitive advantage to the participants. Choose anywhere from learning how to use application software to learning professional programming. Computer courses are available at additional charge.

All programs are aimed at providing students with an extraordinary opportunity to learn English in a friendly and supportive environment with professional staff and coordinators who always ready to tailor a program that meets your specific needs.

Language Homestay

This program is designed for students 12-20 years of age. Immersion in English while living with an American host family, regular English study, activities, travel and fun characterize this program.

This program is designed for high school and university students ages 12 and up and takes place in Miami, Florida.

The program offers English classes, visits to the biggest American cities, and unforgettable trips to amusement parks and the ocean coast. Students will stay with American host families. It is a friendly environment and pleasure and a good mood are guaranteed!

A program includes:

  • stay with an American host family;
  • first class English program and software;
  • initial placement test;
  • small classes;
  • all learning materials;
  • exciting activities such as games, swimming, tennis, ecology trips, etc. ;
  • 12 lecture hours in English per week;
  • airport transfer and transportation to all activities;
  • free instructor for a group of 15 students or more who is fluent in English. He/she will stay with students and assist the program coordinator;
  • comfortable accommodations;
  • entrance to famous attractions that are included in the program.

The dates of the program are flexible and will need to be organized ahead of time, so that a customized program can be created.

The length of the program is three (3) weeks at a cost of $1950. This also includes health insurance and optional trips to Disney parks.

The application and deposit are due two (2) months prior to program commencement.