The "Academic Year" and the "Academic Semester" programs in American schools are designed for students ages 15 - 18. Students live in carefully selected American families during the academic year. Not only housing is offered to the students, they are accepted by the host family as a family member.

This program is designed for students ages 15-18. Students are placed in American public high schools (9-12 grades) for "Academic Semester" or "Academic Year" programs.

The "Academic Semester" program starts in the middle of August or January, and the "Academic Year" program starts in the middle of August. Students, who join the "Academic Semester" program in August, may extend their program for an additional semester. Participants are required to demonstrate English skills necessary for communication and study.

Students live in carefully selected American families. As a rule, a host family is selected among middle class families, owners of a private residence who are capable of supporting an exchange student during an academic year. Not only housing is offered to the students; they are accepted by the host family as a family member.

A host family and program coordinator are equally responsible for an exchange student. A program coordinator will organize and coordinate the student's activities, and monitor the student's academic progress and his/her adjustment to the school and family environment. If necessary, a program coordinator will work together with a student to help him/her to overcome cultural difficulties. Each student should plan to bring money for everyday expenses ($150-200 per month). Upon arrival to the USA, a student will be able to open a bank account.

The requirements for High School Exchange Program participants are as follows:

  1. English proficiency test;
  2. Interview with the program representative;
  3. Valid passport;
  4. Photographs of the individual student and together with family members;
  5. Completed application;
  6. Medical history, certified by the student's physician;
  7. Official school records;
  8. Reference letters;
  9. Information about the level of a participant's English skills.

Upon completion of the academic year or semester a student will receive a certificate from the American school. The selection of the host family and local high school in the USA, and the processing of the required documents take up to 2-3 months. Students are placed with the different host families across the country. The clients’ preference is taken into consideration. Program participants are provided with the documentation required for filing J-1 student exchange visas.

Due dates: "Academic Semester" program - November 1st; "Academic Year" program - May 1st. The cost of the program is $3950 for an "Academic Semester" or $4950 for an "Academic Year" (medical insurance included).

Private School in Boston, Massachusetts

Private school is an example of an excellent academic program in the heart of American education. Students live with American Host families.

This school was founded more than 50 years ago and is located in the center of Boston. Boston is the home of some of the best American universities and colleges. The excellent academic program offered at this school prepares students to continue their education in prestigious universities and colleges.

The academic program includes: mathematics, computer studies, English, foreign languages, Latin, physics, chemistry, history, business, law, journalism, political science, psychology, sociology, economics, and other subjects. Special programs are designed for intensive college preparation and for work with gifted students. The classrooms are fully equipped with modern technology. Students will find labs, computer centers, English and natural science classes as well as a school library equipped with computers.

Foreign students may take intensive English as a second language course. Small class size (6 students per teacher) allows the faculty to pay special attention to each individual student.

The high level of professionalism and experience of the faculty guarantees the quality of the academic program.

Most of the graduates continue studies in prestigious colleges or universities.

The school has a big library, musical studio and stadium. Students can also become members of different clubs according to their interests - mathematics, science, theater, cinema, video, etc.

The school pays special attention to sports. Professional instructors are available to supervise physical education classes.

Students live with American families. The cost of the program for an academic year is $8000 - $9000 depending on the selected program and classes. Room and board with an American family costs $600-$700 per month (monthly payment is available).