Summer Work for Students

This program enables full time international students to receive practical experience during summer vacation. Summer work for international students is a unique opportunity to be introduced to the American culture, life, and customs, and to improve English skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to explore the U.S. Throughout the U.S., companies are looking for qualified employees for seasonal positions during the hot season - legal assistants in the offices, employees for restaurants, hotels, cafes, summer amusement parks, summer camps, stores and other places. Students will be paid by the employers (not less then $8-10 per hour). The cost of lodging in an apartment for two is approximately $200 per month. Sometimes companies offer free room and board.

The duration of the program is 4 months and the minimum age of participants is 19. The program participant must be able to communicate in English.

To participate in the program the applicant needs to submit to his/her local agency - representative of Educational World, Inc. the following documents: resume and completed application.

The applicant also needs to pay the program fee. The cost of the program includes placement expenses, medical insurance and administrative and normal out-of-pocket expenses.

The applicant will receive a packet of documents for processing his/her J-1 exchange visa in the American Consulate via Express mail. A student will receive detailed preparation instructions prior to the interview in the Consulate. In case of a visa denial a part of the payment (registration cost) will not be reimbursed to the applicant. However, among the nonimmigrant visas, the J-1 exchange visa is considered to be one of the most preferable.