Hello, my name is Anna Nebogatikova and I'm exchange student from Russia. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon, and I want to say thank you for everybody, who actually made this program for kids from all the world. That's great practice to learn language and to learn more about history and culture this country. I think that it's great if you can feel how it is to live here. American holidays and everything is different, that's so much fun to be exchange student.

I am so happy that I'm here. Before I came here, I could not imagine how everything is different. I came here to learn English, because I think my future job would be with language, so that helps me a lot. I think that everybody should try to be an exchange student. You can learn a lot being here, much more that just read about country.

That is a great idea to have this program.

Thank you so much. Best wishes, Anna

Anna Nebogatikova, Russia, High School Exchange Program, Oregon, 1999-2000