My mother took with her in the mountains Russian newspaper. She found there an advertisement about organization for kids from Russia to study in USA school. She called that phone number. She liked so much the person with who she was talked on the phone. On all steps of preparation for the documents she always found out the right answers. This organization found for me a very nice family, excellent school.

After finishing a course in high school, I called again to Educational World and they helped me again. They found out the college, and place to live. All the time I knew that I wasn't alone. When I needed any help, any information I always called to Educational World.

Right now I am a junior student at Rutgers University, but I always will remember how my life was changed after that phone call.

Inna Ivanchenko, Ukraine, High School Exchange Program, New York, 1996-1997, College/University Program, New Jersey, 1997-1998