I am Irina Tihomirova from Latvia. This September I flew to Boston. Now I am living in Boston (USA), studying at the Newman school English program). In Boston I live with a friendly and lovely American family. My new family has become my second family and I love them very much. I have lived in Boston for four months, but I feel like I have lived here for years.

When I came to the US I couldn't speak English. Now after my English program at school and living in America I don't have a big problem speaking English. Every day I learn more and more.

In January I will go to Newman high school (12 grade) and maybe next year I will go to a university.

I like this city where I am living now, I like people who I’ve met and I would like to study at an American school.

Irina Tihomirova, Latvia, Private School Program, Massachusetts, 1999-2000